Anderson’s Mill to Quendale Mill: the international email trail. 


Alan and Cheryl email Quendale Mill, Shetland about UK Mills  weekend.


“We are particularly interested in your involvement in the National Mills Weekend that is sponsored by the SPAB. It sounds like a great event and it would be interesting if there is any way that Anderson’s Mill could be involved in the future. What happens at your mill over the weekend?” 26th April 2016.


Donald from Quendale Mill describes the Mills on the Air Event.


“We do encourage the local Radio Amateurs to use the mill as a base during the weekend during which time they endeavour to contact other like-minded radio enthusiasts throughout the world, including ones based in mills (all types of mills). 

If you have a look at their 'Mills on the Air' link you will find some feedback on last year's event. Their station is set up in what used to be the drying kiln.” 29th April 2016.


Peter Rafferty President Central GoldFields Amateur Wireless Group agrees to participate.


Darren, from the Mills On the Air  welcomes our involvement in the 2017 event.


“You will be most welcome to join in and your mill looks great. We normally open registration early January so keep an eye on I will try and remember to email you.  If you know of any other groups that could join in please email them, so far we have not gone outside Europe, but there are no reasons why not.” 28th May 2016


Sophie the UK Mills Administrator supports our participation.


“Thank you for your email, and for the interesting book on the history of Anderson's Mill.

It's great to hear that you're keen to be part of National Mills Weekend 2017 - we're always really pleased to get more mills involved. If you can get an Australian mill network established too, that would be amazing. 

Let me consult my colleagues, we can have a think about how we might make this work.

Best wishes,

Sophie” June 15th 2016


Bill from the The Association for Industrial Archaeology promotes our National Trust Anderson’s Mill Heritage Weekend on their website.


“I have  created a News Item and put the event in the Diary

Kind regards Bill Barksfield, Webmaster, The Association for Industrial Archaeology”


Jim Linton, promotes an international wireless link up involving Australia.

“Hello Darren,               I have been tasked also to promote it and encourage other mills in Australia to join the May event. This will be done through a weekly Australia-wide Sunday broadcast VK1WIA, the WIA website and journal Amateur Radio magazine

Best Regards, Jim VK3PC”